Contributions from our generous supporters help to further the initiatives of Maasai Honey. Funds allow us to expand our apiaries, conduct valuable trainings, and acquire necessary equipment. The addition of hives supports our honeybee conservation efforts and also increases our capacity to reach more underserved women. We are a registered NGO in Tanzania as well as a non-profit organization registered under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code; all donations to Maasai Honey are tax deductible, as allowed by United States law.

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Donate a Hive

Every additional hive helps us to increase honey production, grow the project and support our women beneficiaries. We currently have around 100 hives, distributed across 4 apiaries in Ololosokwan Village, Tanzania. Your hive donation can become the newest addition!

When you donate a hive, a new Langstroth beehive with your name on it will be added to our apiary!

Each year we will send you an update on your hive, so that you can learn how much honey your bee colony has produced!

With more beehives, Maasai Honey is able to:

  • Increase production capacities for both honey and beeswax.

  • Support the conservation of native, East African bees.

  • Empower more underserved women as beekeepers and honey processors.

*Donating a hive also makes a great gift for bee lovers and philanthropists!*

The cost to donate a hive is $95 USD

Donate a Hive


Become a Valued Supporter

You can also make a general donation to help us support ongoing costs and project expenses. All contributions help to make a valuable difference in the maintenance and growth of the project.

What are donations used for?

Funds collected through charitable donations are used to support the beekeeping & outreach activities of Maasai Honey. Money may be allocated towards:

  • Purchasing equipment such as protective gear, hive tools, and bee smokers.

  • Educating women in rural villages on beekeeping methods.

  • Purchasing new beehives, which allows for increased honey production and project growth.

  • Improving and expanding our production facilities.

Benefits of donating

  • Maasai Honey is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by United States law.

  • Your contribution will not only benefit Maasai Honey, but also the overall economy of a growing village within a developing nation.

Become a supporter

In Tanzania, Maasai Honey is registered under terms and conditions of the “Non Governmental Organizations Act 2002”, with registration number 000505.

In the United States, Maasai Honey is registered as a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, with EIN 46-1107937