Our Mission


The mission of Maasai Honey is to support underserved Maasai Women through education and empowerment in beekeeping. Our programs are designed to train the beneficiaries, equipping them with skills to work as beekeepers, honey processors, and producers of beeswax products. We intend to create income-generating opportunities, allowing the women to work in their community, earn money, and support their families.

In a broader perspective, we aim to support the Ololosokwan community by bettering the welfare and quality of life of the village residents. Income earned by the women and village staff members allows their families to purchase food and clothing, send children to school, and also pay for medical costs. Thus, an intrinsic part of the Maasai Honey mission is supporting the overall health and well-being of Ololosokwan residents.

Parallel to these initiatives, we strive to conduct project activities in ways that are environmentally sustainable. We value the conservation of native Tanzanian bees, caring for these unique species as part of our honey production process. Our apiaries are home to two distinct bee species, both of which are native to the surrounding forests. By keeping and maintaining local bee colonies, we hope to conserve these valuable bee populations for the future.

Our objectives of sustainability also extend to our products. We aim to create goods that support both environmental and human health. Only natural ingredients are used in the production of our candles and cosmetics and, whenever possible, we utilize materials that are organic and locally sourced. Our honey is minimally processed and unheated in order to retain all of the beneficial qualities of pure, raw honey. Thus, with all of our products, we aim to support the health of the consumer and the sustainability of the environment.