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Stingless Honey

This unique honey is produced by small, stingless bees. They are a different bee species, belonging to the Melipona genus. Their colony structure is quite different; they do not build wax honeycomb like other bees, but rather create dark, round “bubbles” which they fill with honey. These bees are native to the forests of Northern Tanzania.

The honey carries a distinct flavor that is slightly sour with hints of citrus. While still sweet, it has a lower sugar content compared to regular honey. It is quite liquid in nature and, as it sits, bubbles will rise to the top of the container. These bubbles are totally normal (part of a chemical reaction that takes naturally place) and do not affect honey quality.

Ingredients: 100% pure stingless honey.

Sold in:

  • 450g plastic bottle

  • 250g plastic bottle

* Our stingless honey has a limited supply based on the small quantities produced by the bees.