Our Partners

Maasai Honey’s activities and initiatives are supported by our dedicated partners. With our proximity to the Serengeti National Park, we primarily unite with safari lodges and tourism companies that align with our goals of conservation, development, and women’s empowerment. We encourage you to visit one of these lodges where you can relax amidst the stunning Serengeti plains, enjoy an adventurous wildlife safari, plus tour our headquarters and production facilities in Ololosokwan Village.

AndBeyond Lodges

AndBeyond has been a dedicated supporter of Maasai Honey for many years. Their luxury lodges provide tourists the opportunity to experience the unique wildlife of the Serengeti, the culture of the Maasai, and the warm hospitality of Tanzanians. Their souvenier shops carry Maasai Honey products and our honey is a key ingredient in their culinary arts. AndBeyond has a variety of beautiful lodges, but if you are interested in visiting we recommend a stay at their Klein’s Camp location, which is located atop the beautiful foothills of the Eastern Serengeti, in close proximity to our village headquarters.



Just outside of Ololosokwan Village, on a private nature reserve, lies Taasa safari lodge. A luxury, tented camp - guests can sleep under canvas amidst the nature of Northern Tanzania, embark on a wildlife safari, plus enjoy a dip in their swimming pool with stunning views over the Serengeti. Taasa is a great supporter of Maasai Honey as well as other women’s empowerment programs in the village. You can find our products in their eclectic souvenir shop and also arrange with them an authentic tour of the nearby Maasai village.

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